Service Times

Saturday|Children's Ministry

Our children enjoy getting to learn about God through Bible stories, songs and Scripture memorization. This is a great environment for kids to ask questions about faith, and to nurture their God-given talents for His glory.


Sunday | Sunday School 

Our Sunday School follows a pre-determined curriculum which emphasis a personal relationship with God, knowledge of the Bible, and how to reach others for Christ.

Fasting Prayer / Bible Study / Talent Session

The first Saturday of every month is dedicated for fasting and prayer. During this weekend, our pastor delivers powerful messages, emphasizing fasting and prayer, followed by intercessory prayer for individuals, families, churches, communities, and nations.  We break the fasting on the following day with Holy Communion.

The third Saturday of every month is dedicated to a Talent Session. This session is a platform for each individual to exercise their God-given talents, such as singing, preaching and memorizing scriptures. Quizzes, such as Quick Reference, to test how quickly one can find a reference in the Bible, and Bible Quiz, to test the knowledge in the Bible are also conducted. Being the chairperson of this session also serves as a way to train participants in leadership. This is the most informal session we have, where the youngest to the oldest participate.

Every other Saturday, besides the above, are dedicated to Bible study. Our Bible Study is designed for those who have a true passion for learning the Word of God. We go through each topic in depth and search through the scriptures for answers to the mysteries of the Bible.


Sunday | Worship Service

Our service includes prayer, praise and worship, psalm meditation, testimony time, intercessory prayer, and main message. We also conduct Holy Communion every first Sunday of the month.